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Regional collaboration bolsters aviation security

FBC NEWS – Civil Aviation Minister Viliame Gavoka has commended the efforts of the Pacific Immigration Development Community and the governments of Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji. Under the International Civil Aviation Organization banner, Gavoka says they aim to positively influence international and regional aviation security and facilitation outcomes. Fiji has taken a proactive stance in aviation security, as demonstrated by ICAO’s audit conducted in 2023. Speaking at the ICAO ICBWG Meeting and Passport Pacific Conference, Gavoka stressed that Fiji remains committed to maintaining the highest standards in aviation security. 

“In the coming days, our collective focus will be on vital discussions and collaborative workshops. These sessions cover a wide spectrum of critical topics, ranging from foundational identity systems to the secure issuance of passports and seamless Interpol reporting.”
Fiji’s consideration of joining the ICAO Public Key Directory illustrates its forward-looking mindset as the membership promises to facilitate seamless travel for Fijian citizens.