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Partnership and Coordination

Partnership and Coordination

Strengthen collaboration and partnership to advance Members interest.

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National Immigration Strengthening

National Immigration Strengthening

Strengthen capacity of national immigration officers and agencies.

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Border Enforcement and Traveler Facilitation

Border Enforcement and Traveler Facilitation

Strengthen national immigration border processes to support international security and domestic social and economic development.

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Governance and Secretariat Support

Governance and Secretariat Support

Ensuring immigration officials are equipped with the skills and tools to manage borders in the region and prevent immigration and related crime.

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Issues We Collectively Address

Irregular People Movement, People Smuggling and Human Trafficking.

The Pacific faces complex challenges regarding the movement of people. While some seek better opportunities through regular migration channels, others resort to irregular means. It’s crucial to distinguish between irregular migration, people smuggling, and human trafficking to develop effective responses that protect the vulnerable and uphold human rights.

Transnational Organised Crime

Transnational Organized Crime (TOC) threatens the Pacific’s peace, stability, and development. These criminal networks operate across borders, engaging in activities like drug trafficking, human trafficking, and arms smuggling. Their reach undermines legitimate economies and fuels corruption.

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Communique of the 26th Pacific Immigration Development Community regular annual meeting 2024

The Pacific Immigration Development Community (PIDC) held its 26th Regular Annual Meeting from 25 – 27 June 2024 in Honiara, Solomon Islands….

Pacific Immigration Development Community holds Regional Annual Meeting in Solomon Islands

Immigration experts and law enforcement officers from the Pacific Immigration Development Community’s (PIDC) 21 member countries will be gathering in Honiara, Solomon Islands for its 26th Regular Annual Meeting (RAM),…

Regional collaboration bolsters aviation security

FBC NEWS – Civil Aviation Minister Viliame Gavoka has commended the efforts of the Pacific Immigration Development Community and the governments of Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji….

Other Immigration News

MIDAS and eVisa launch marks Vanuatu’s modernised immigration leap

According to Minister Koanapo, the integrated eVisa system within MIDAS will allow travelers to conveniently lodge visa applications online, facilitate online payments, and receive visa approvals electronically….

The Pacific Engagement Visa is set to grow the region’s diaspora in Australia — but experts warn of challenges ahead

The first round of ballots closes on August 2, when officials will learn the level of interest in the visa among the 10 countries already part of the scheme. Experts in Pacific migration expect it…

Airline fined for failing to follow INZ notice not to board passenger

This was due to the airline allowing a passenger to board a flight in Sydney to travel to New Zealand in May of 2023, despite being notified by Immigration New Zealand (INZ) that he was…

Visit to Solomon Islands

The Australian Government is pleased to have supported the delivery of safe and secure elections in Solomon Islands and remains committed to supporting Solomon Islands’ economic, development and security priorities….

SI to host first pidc ram on 24th – 28th June 2024.

This is the first time for Solomon Islands to host the regional event after the PIDC Secretariat endorsed the Solomon Islands Immigration Division as the next successful bidder for 2024 during the RAM in Vanuatu,…

Elevating the Australia-Tuvalu relationship under the Falepili Union

During the bipartisan visit to Funafuti, Australia and Tuvalu committed to a joint statement and explanatory memorandum, which outline how the Agreement will deliver on its key objectives….

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UNODC Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) Analytical Training

09 July 2024

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