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11 Bangladeshis arrested for working illegally in PNG

Posted On: Friday, 27 October 2017

PORT MORESBY, 27 OCTOBER 2017 (THE NATIONAL) --- Eleven Bangladeshis were apprehended by a joint government team for allegedly working illegally in a shop owned by a naturalised citizen in Port Moresby Thursday. The team also found a female believed to be underage and employed in that shop when conducting a spot-check on the shop. The team comprising Immigrations, PNG Customs, Labour, National Capital District Commission, Investment Promotion Authority, PNG Censorship Office, police and Bank of Papua New Guinea ordered the owner to give her final pay and told her to go home.

The owner, one of the latest foreign businessmen to be granted citizenship by the PNG Citizenship Board, was strongly reprimanded by the team. The team also found that the kitchen of the shop’s eatery was filthy and unhygienic. The team rounded up all the Bangladeshis and searched their rooms for illegal substances. They then confiscated and checked all the passports and work permits and rounded up 11 whose permits were irregular. These Bangladeshis spoke little or no   English.

The owner scolded his Bangladesh workers for not having proper work permits to work in his shop. But the team told him that he should have checked his workers before they came into PNG. He told them that he did not know their background.

“I just get them from a recruiting agent in Dhaka, (Bangladesh).

“They were supposed to provide proper information to the agent to send them to work for me in Papua New Guinea.

“I am a PNG citizen now and don’t want them to tarnish my good reputation.”

Meanwhile, the government team made a spot-check on a Bangladeshi-owned shop and found counterfeit cigarettes. The cigarettes were confiscated to check how they were sold by the distributer in Port Moresby. The team is making spot checks on expatriate-owned businesses after public complaints were raised about local employees being paid below the minimum wage of K3.50 (US$1.09)per hour, not paying local employees’ superannuation, employment of   illegal immigrants, unregistered businesses activities, not operating in designated commercial zones and so on.....PACNEWS


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