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26th Management Board Meeting Chairs Summary

Posted On: Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The 26th Management Board meeting of the Pacific Immigration Directors Conference (PIDC), was convened in Suva, Fiji on 05 and 06 November 2014 andattended by representatives from Samoa (Acting Chair), Australia (Donor), Solomon Islands (Melanesia), Republic of the Marshall Islands (Micronesia), Kiribati (Small Island States), New Zealand (Donor) and Tuvalu (Polynesia).

After a prayer, the meeting was opened by the Acting Chair and Samoa Immigration Director, Mr Henry Taefu who welcomed Board members to Fiji and expressed Fiji's pleasure in hosting the 2nd PIDC Management Board meeting for the 2014/15 schedule. The Acting Chair noted the apologies of the Chair, Mr Mataio Rabura in participating at this meeting and ensuring PNG's continued support and commitment to the work and activities of the PIDC. He encouraged members to constructively discuss issues and wished Management Board members a successful meeting.

Issues Considered by the Management Board

PIDC Legal Entity Status
The Management Board discussed the progress of members signing of the PIDC Memorandum of Understanding and welcomed Cook Islands Cabinet endorsement to signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The Board continued to encourage countries that haven't signed the MoU to continue working towards finalising their signing process. The Board also noted the progress in finalising the Headquarters arrangement and agreed to continue to work with Fiji Immigration to conclude the documentation process.

The Board also discussed the Transition Plan and welcomed the Transition Project Manager's preliminary report on phase 1 of the transition scope of work. Board members noted with appreciation the level of detail the organisation has pursued to establish relevant governance structures in its transition plans and encouraged Board members to continue contributing actively to discussions on PIDCs' transition plan.

Secretariat Report
Management Board acknowledged the PIDC Secretariat's report on its ongoing work programme and its commitment to successfully completing additional tasks set out by the Management Board. The Board encouraged the completion of remaining work activity areas and also reaffirmed its commitment to supporting the Secretariat in completing its respective key activity areas of the Secretariats Interim Work Plan.

2014 training programme
The Management Board noted the successful completion of all the scheduled PIDC training programmes in 2014. The Board expressed its appreciation to Australia and New Zealand for their commitment and funding support to the annual PIDC training programme including  Phase 1 of the Pacific Regional Immigration Identity and Intelligence (PRIIP/Intel) training programme, the Annual Document Examination Principals and Applications (DEPA) training and the 2014 PIDC operational secondment programme in Australia. The Board also noted the increasing number of training programmes in the region and tasked the Secretariat to undertake a training needs analysis to guide PIDC in its future training plans.

review of 2013-2015 Strategic plan
The Management Board discussed its review plan for the Strategic Plan 2013-15 noting the transition plans impact on the strategic plan time lines and agreed that the new Strategic Plan would be more appropriately presented to Management Board members at the 2016 Annual Conference in light of its new financial year. The Board agreed to hold a one day workshop in February 2015 to undertake an in-depth review and analysis of the current strategic plan with a view to having a more comprehensive and inclusive review process.

pidc people smuggling, human trafficking and irregular migration report
The Management Board welcomed the first draft of PIDCs' 2014 People Smuggling, Human Trafficking and Irregular Migration report noting its comprehensiveness and identification of key thematic areas that members were encouraged to consider addressing at the national level. Members agreed to provide further critical comments to strengthen the quality of the report before presentation to the 2015 Annual Conference.

Other discussions 
The Chair thanked the Management Board on the completion of another successful Board meeting and the Management Board also thanked the Secretariat for its work and encouraged members to continue supporting and collaborating openly as we work towards finalising the Fiji Headquaters Arrangement.

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